What we've learned

Why Keeping Your README Updated is Important

04/12/2022 - Jonathan Wang

When I joined Niedziela Solutions, there were multiple repositories I had to clone and familiar myself with. I’ve had a couple realizations about setting up code repositories since I’ve been working here.

My Accounting Workflow

03/30/2022 - Sarah Sunday

As a very small business owner, it’s up to me to make sure my books are kept organized and accurate. Not only that, I am the one invoicing my clients and marking that payments are received. I do have an...

Why I Gave a 10% Raise

01/28/2022 - Sarah Sunday

I just implemented a 10% raise for my employee. I had intended to decide what percent to give and to actually give it after doing my first ‘performance review’, but then I realized…the results of a review didn’t really matter...

Expo + React Native as a Beginner

12/02/2021 - Jonathan Wang

If you told me that in the first 6 months of my 1st development job that I would be working with mobile development, I would have thought there was no way possible since I had little to no knowledge of...

First Year in Review

10/25/2021 - Sarah Sunday

It has been a little over a year since I officially started the business. Which means it’s time for a retrospective! This is going to be all over the place, which is where I’m at mentally right now. It’s not...

4 Takeaways as a Mentor of a New Developer

07/16/2021 - Sarah Sunday

A complementary post to Jonathan’s 4 Areas to Master for New Developers blog post: My takeaways after around two months of onboarding/mentoring a recent bootcamp graduate without professional software development experience. I’ve mentored before, but never at this experience level,...

4 Areas to Master for New Developers!

06/21/2021 - Jonathan Wang

Coming from a 16-week full-stack coding bootcamp, I learned a bunch of skills and technologies jammed into such a short time. I learned and used several modern programming languages, frameworks, databases and other important pieces of tech. I spent time...

Hello World (from Jonathan Wang)!

05/28/2021 - Jonathan Wang

My name is Jonathan Wang, I’m a recent bootcamp graduate from Actualize Coding Bootcamp and I’m excited to have joined Niedziela Solutions as a Full Stack Engineer!

Basic New NPM Version Workflow

04/13/2021 - Sarah Sunday

I currently have one published NPM package: the S3 Bulk Redirector. It’s a very simple package for a very specific use case. I only update it when the dependent packages need updating, which is not that often. I recently had...

Trunk-Based Development in Practice

03/08/2021 - Sarah Sunday

Before I get into how trunk-based development works for us, I’ll direct anyone looking for a comprehensive primer and argument for trunk-based development to this Atlassian article. This article compares the two primary development flows and gives the benefits for...

Technical Cheat Sheet V1

02/17/2021 - Sarah Sunday

A new area of the website has been added: the resources section. Right now, it only has the Technical Cheat Sheet. The idea behind this cheat sheet was to consolidate common tech terms, acronyms, and so on, and provide basic,...

Coming to Microsoft 365 for the First Time

02/05/2021 - Sarah Sunday

For an all-in-one solution for business productivity tools, there are two major options: Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite). For most of my working life, I’ve used Google. I’m personally not a fan of Google, but...

Serverless Contact Form in Use!

01/27/2021 - Sarah Sunday

If you go to our contact page you’ll see a form to send us a message. After you fill it in, and then you click submit…what happens? Where does that information go?

Terraform Static Site Setup Updates

01/22/2021 - Sarah Sunday

I started building this set of Terraform scripts around a year ago to learn Terraform in a way that was concrete for me. I love making little static websites with AWS S3 and Cloudfront, so having a way to make...

Hello World!

12/17/2020 - Sarah Sunday

This is the first blog post on the website. Subsequent blog posts will be concerning software (opinionated and not), general consulting sentiments, and other useful bits of information.