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Serverless Contact Form in Use!

If you go to our contact page you’ll see a form to send us a message. After you fill it in, and then you click submit…what happens? Where does that information go?

On submit, it hits our serverless contact form handler, which then uses AWS’s Simple Email Service (SES) to send an email to us with your form data. The code for it is here on Github and is open source. It is built using Ruby on Jets and is hosted on AWS serverlessly.

It’s not that complicated of an application, but it does fulfill an important niche: handling contact form submissions on static websites when you are not using a system that can provide you with a form (for example, Salesforce web-to-lead forms). If you want something simple, but also compatible with a serverless/static website, this fits.

There are some more tweaks that I’d like do to it eventually, but it works and anyone is free to use it or play with it.

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